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TeaPhactory Web Projects

TeaPhactory was a project where I had complete creative control with design, development, messaging, and branding. This project was a great opportunity to see my creative vision through from start to finish. Witnessing the success of this project has been quite rewarding.

TeaPhactory is a local Reno business selling loose leaf tea exclusively online, which normally puts pressure on the performance and usability of the ecommerce platform, servers, and website. The combination of which needed to do a lot of heavy lifting for the business to be successful.

Shopping cart abandonment is largely the result of a slow, low performing site and/or a confusing checkout process. Significant efforts went into optimizing the user experience and customizing the checkout process and as a result, I reduced cart abandonment by 40%.

I also shot all the product photos you see across the site, as well as created the digital graphics for blog posts.

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