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Social Media Outreach

University of Nevada, Reno

Vax the Pack

A campus-wide outreach campaign to encourage getting COVID-19 vaccines.

Nevada Department of Wildlife Campaign Graphics

July is Bear Month

An annual social media campaign to educate the public on living in bear country.

Rest Your River

A social media campaign to the public and Nevada's anglers to rest the rivers and not fish during drought and low water conditions.

National Audubon Day

A National social media campaign focused on wild birds. I focused on Nevada’s native birds, the agency’s work restoring wetland habitat and bird counts performed by the agency's bird biologists, and encouraging public participation in bird counts with The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC).

Win a Fishing Adventure

An opportunity for Nevada's anglers to win a fishing adventure.

Nevada Department of Wildlife Social Media Campaign Infographics

License Simplification

The License Simplification product was used both in print and digital to promote and educate the public and the state legislature on License Simplification proposals from the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

July is Bear Month - Hiking in Bear Country

July is Bear Month was an annual campaign to educate the public on living in bear country. Hiking in Bear Country infographic was offered in both print and digital formats and was created to educate the public on hiking and recreating in bear habitat.

July is Bear Month - Bear Management

July is Bear Month was an annual campaign to educate the public on living in bear country. The Bear Management infographic was created to educate the public on NDOW's bear management methods and policies.

Bat Week

Bat Week is an international, annual celebration designed to raise awareness about the need for bat conservation. For the NDOW, I focused on information about Nevada’s bats and the agency’s efforts with conservation and habitat restoration.

TeaPhactory Social Media Graphics

TeaPhactory is a private company, therefore, social media materials and goals are a little different than for a governmental entity. The social media graphics I produced in this slideshow were used to grow TeaPhactory's following when the accounts were newly formed, with the goal of building affinity with relevent audiences.

TeaPhactory Digital Infographics and Print Posters

These graphics were created to educate customers on health benefits of loose leaf tea, the amounts of caffeine in the different types of loose leaf tea, and how to make Yerba Maté.

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