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Nevada Department of Wildlife Web Projects

Nevada Department of Wildlife's agency's website. This site was under contract with an outside vendor when I was brought in to manage the site migration and take over responsibilities.

My responsibilities included platform management and updates, expanding the site with new components, pages and features, and optimizing user experience across the site. I was also responsible for creating and administering user training for NDOW employees. - A website I designed and built specifically to reach constituencies outside of NDOW's traditional audience of hunters and anglers. quickly became the agency’s most successful outreach tool. The site offered topical information on Nevada's non-game wildlife, habitat and land conservation, and activities outside of hunting and fishing, such as bird watching and archery education.

Custom features I built into the site included in-depth articles, feature stories, photo galleries, and videos. As well as podcast publishing functionality to support the NevadaWild weekly podcast.

Within the first month the website had more than 18,000 unique visitors through strategically targeted social media campaigns. Within one year the female audience had grown more than 30%, and individuals ages 18-35 had a 25% increase, meeting agency goals in key demographics.

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