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Video and Audio Projects

Nevada Department of Wildlife


Bighorn Sheep

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Burrowing Owl


Audience Growth Videos

A series of videos used for public education with the goal to bring attention to NDOW's statewide wildlife conservation efforts.

Nevada Bighorns On The Move

Wildlife Water Development Program Nevada Department of Wildlife

Nevada's Spring Peak Habitat Restoration

Public Education and Outreach Videos

Telling the agency's story on their efforts at restoring Nevada's public lands and wildlife habitat.

Nevada Department of Wildlife July is Bear Month

Nevada Department of Wildlife Bear Month: Secure Your Trash

Bat Week Nevada Department Wildlife

NDOW PSA and Educational Campaigns - Living with Bears and Bats in Nevada

The Agency's Communications Department, in coordination with agency biologists and Game Wardens, created an annual campaign "July is Bear Month". These videos ran on all channels through the month of July.

#BatWeek is an international social media campaign to bring awareness of bats around the world. NDOW also used the opportunity to present facts about Nevada's bats.

Kids Love Archery - NDOW & National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

5 Expert Tips on Arrow Selection

Timmy Thomas, NDOW Archery Education Coordinator

5 Considerations when Buying a Compound Hunting Bow

Timmy Thomas, NDOW Archery Education Coordinator

Top 5 Must Have Accessories for a Hunting Bow

Timmy Thomas, NDOW Archery Education Coordinator

NASP and Archery Education

National Archery in the Schools Programs was a new program introduced to Nevada public schools by Archery Education Coordinator, Timmy Thomas. He used the NASP video to help promote the program and to recruit parents and students, schools and teachers to add this program as an alternative to traditional sports extracurricular activities.

Archery Education was also a new program at NDOW. Timmy Thomas was the archery and bow hunting expert recruited by the agency to build the program from the bottom up. He and I worked together to create educational how-to videos to promote and build these programs.

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